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Looking for the best marijuana in Santa Ana? Well, your search has already been done for you. 420 Central, a measure BB cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana has exactly what you need at the quality you deserve. With one of the biggest varieties of marijuana strains from Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids, marijuana lovers can rest assured that they will find the best cannabis in Santa Ana at 420 Central. 420 Central makes it their top priority that every patient receives top-shelf quality marijuana and our budtenders will help in guiding you to finding the perfect cannabis for whatever your ailment is. Whether you prefer bud with a scent of lemon to it or like a deeper fuel-like smell to your marijuana, 420 Central has it. Finding the best cannabis in Santa Ana has never been more simple.

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Daphne Maish
Hailey did an excellent job of making me feel welcome. She was helpful and curtious!
Garrett Morgan
Chris brown was more than perfect dude knows how to hook you up and stay in touch, only problem I have is maybe a speed delivery system but I can’t complain with the service I’ve been given
natalie love
Best service ever, u get 20% off ur first time. Ivan is amazing!!
Ace G
Amazing service!
John Paul Mulchay
Adam was great! Good selection, fair prices.
Evan Ferraro
Nice people! Gave me a discount for my first time :) Ivan and Duc were helpful
Carlos C
Amazing shop! Great selection and Ivan was super friendly and knowledgeable!
Isai Lopez
Had an awesome marijuana shopping experience. Thanks Duc!
Brian Tran Pham
Ivan was security, nice chill guy. not gonna lie, doing the review to get a free pre-roll. but honestly I’d like to say security is up there,which is a good thing! Homie Duc was helpful as heck! Give him a kissie and he will hook ya up! or give you a hook in the face if he don’t think you’re the vibe. jk of course.
Adante Lake
Hey Adam was the best guy and the man for the job thanks for your help man.

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