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Looking for the best marijuana in Santa Ana? Well, your search has already been done for you. 420 Central, a measure BB cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana has exactly what you need at the quality you deserve. With one of the biggest varieties of marijuana strains from Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids, marijuana lovers can rest assured that they will find the best cannabis in Santa Ana at 420 Central. 420 Central makes it their top priority that every patient receives top-shelf quality marijuana and our budtenders will help in guiding you to finding the perfect cannabis for whatever your ailment is. Whether you prefer bud with a scent of lemon to it or like a deeper fuel-like smell to your marijuana, 420 Central has it. Finding the best cannabis in Santa Ana has never been more simple.


What They Say

Based on 1051 reviews
Jon Burtin
Incredible staff, incredible selection, I’m sure to be coming back for plenty more happy hours. Thanks guys!
Matt Parsons
420 central best spot for great service and great products highly recommended stop
Tiger Selene
John helped me and knew everything about budtender, check him out along with 420central and their slick deals.
Kimberly Covarrubias
Meredith was very helpful & patient with us! Great dispensary & bomb blunts !!!
Michael Dominguez
Great Service. Fast Delivery and Amazing Customer Service Chris B makes sure u have what u need and make sure to contact you with updates and gave us a free surpise for our first time for customer Great Place and reliable. Thank You
Kc Waddell
Best delivery in Orange county. Chris Brown was right on time with the fresh daily bud and reefers by sublime. Love the raw garden. See you all next.
Chris brown was super nice and great delivery service. Love the bloom.
Phuk Yooh
Amazing delivery service with some of the best brands in town. Chris Brown never fails and always hook up the Stizzy and fresh daily bud. No questions asked. Thank you and see you again soon.
Greatest dispo experience Ive ever had!!! Duc was amazing and recommended some great products! Great customer service! Will definitely come back in the future 🙌🏻
Julianna Lucero
Came to visit this dispensary from Arizona. Duc was a great budtender great customer service and very friendly. Process was easy and comfortable. Prices are very fair and they have great deals!

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