Need to Come Down from Weed Quick? Here’s How to Reduce Your High

We’ve all been there. We consumed too much weed, and we need to come down quick. Maybe we feel out of sorts, or maybe a parent or employer showed up out of nowhere. All we know is we need to undo this high, and we need to undo it now.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to become instantly ‘un-high’. But there are things you can do to come down from weed quick. Here are a few suggestions.

When Do You Need to Come Down from Weed Quick?

  • The Vegetables are in the Bin: That’s right, the folks just came home unexpectedly.
  • The Boss Called- and he or she wants you to come into work NOW.
  • You Overdid It: You took an excessive toke or ate more of those edibles when you should have waited. Now you feel paranoid, overly anxious, or just out of sorts.

Our tips will help you come down from weed quick regardless of the situation.

How to Come Down from Weed Quick


If you need to come down from weed quick because the anxiety and paranoia are overwhelming, relaxation could be the key. Relaxing may seem easier said than done, but some methods will help you achieve a sense of calm, even in the most intense situations.

For example, deep breathing is an excellent way to relax. It overrides stress symptoms like accelerated heart rate and adrenaline production by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. It has even been used by emergency respondents and military members in fight-or-flight situations.

Other methods of relaxation include meditation and listening to soothing music.

You may become so relaxed that you drift off to sleep- and sleep could be just what you need.


CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that produces wellness benefits without the high. A THC product with a high CBD concentration will provide a mellower high. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that CBD may mellow you out.

You can find CBD in various forms including gummies, pills, and oils. Be sure to have some on hand if you get high often.

Drink Something

Hydrating can be beneficial when you need to come down from weed quick. It stimulates your salivary glands to reduce cottonmouth. It reverses cannabis’s saliva-related inhibitory effects.

Sipping and swallowing a cold drink will also give you something to focus on so you feel more grounded.

Other types of drinks may have a similar effect, but you must be careful in the drink you choose. Coffee may seem like s sobering option, but caffeine can increase anxiety.  You should also avoid alcoholic beverages which intensify THC effects.

Black Pepper Could Help

A whiff or taste of black pepper could help you come down from weed quick. Several internet sources, and even rock musician Neil Young, have cited its anti-high benefits. But there’s some science behind it as well.

Peppercorn contains a compound called caryophyllene which is a potent CB2 antagonist. It increases the sedating effects of THC and may calm you down when you are too high.

Grab a Lemon

Lemon isolated on white
Lemon isolated on white

Lemons contain limonene, a terpene that has a calming effect. You can squeeze lemon juice into your mouth, but the peel is really where it’s at. It contains the highest concentration of limonene.

If you need to come down from weed quick, try zesting the lemon peel into your water or steep it in hot water to make tea.

Eat Pine Nuts

Pine nuts contain pinene, a compound that boosts relaxation and clarity. It is also in some strains of cannabis. It is responsible for giving weed a pine-like aroma.

Pop some pine nuts in your mouth to come down from weed quick.

Focus on a Soothing Activity

Focusing on a soothing activity can reduce the effects of anxiety and paranoia. Here are some activities that can help you come down from weed quick.

  • Watch TV: Watch TV, a movie, or a YouTube video that you enjoy and is interesting enough to take your mind off your negative emotions. Avoid anything anxiety-inducing like difficult video games and horror movies.
  • Coloring Books: Coloring is said to increase mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Puzzles: A word search or jigsaw puzzle may keep your mind off your paranoia
  • A Simple Task: A simple organizational task like sorting laundry or organizing your clothing by color may calm you down.

Cuddle a Pet

Petting and cuddling with a dog or cat is said to reduce stress and anxiety, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness and relaxation. If you don’t have a pet, try looking at one of those cute dog or cat videos.


If you use drugs on an empty stomach, they will hit you harder. Food helps absorb the drug, so you don’t feel as high.

Some people say heavy, high-carb foods are best when you need to come down from weed quick, but there is no evidence to back this up. Anything easy to consume should do the trick.

Take a Walk

Even a short walk can be beneficial when you need to come down from weed quick. It exposes you to fresh air which can increase focus. It distracts you so you don’t fixate on your high. It also lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, improves mood, and helps you burn off excess energy if you feel jumpy.

Talk to a Friend

Having Small Talk with Best Friend
Having Small Talk with Best Friend

Talking to a friend can help when you feel too high. A friend can talk you down from your anxiety. They can prevent you from engaging in unsafe activity.

Talk to a friend who is sober for optimal results.

Getting too high can be problematic. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your high so you feel better and are in good shape to handle what life throws at you. Drinking water, eating certain foods, walking, deep breathing, CBD, soothing activities, and talking to a friend can help.

You can also minimize the risk of adverse effects by consuming high-quality weed products. 420 Central has plenty in stock. Contact us to learn about our online, in-store, and weed delivery options.

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