Where to Get High in Newport Beach

If you are wondering where to get high in Newport Beach, there are plenty of options.

Where to Get High in Newport Beach 1

Newport is a coastal city in southern California. It is known for its large boat-filled harbor and old-school amusement park. It is home to several beaches including the Wedge and the Corona del Mar State Beach.

After hearing more about the city, your mind is probably already thinking of all the potential for where to get high in Newport Beach. This article will break it down for you to ensure you find the best locations.

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Can You Smoke Pot in Public in Newport Beach?

According to California legislation, it is illegal to consume, smoke or vape cannabis in public. It’s also against the law to open a package containing cannabis in public. So, when we talk about where to get high in Newport Beach, it’s more about where to enjoy your high as opposed to where to bust out with a jay.

Where to Get High in Newport Beach

Here are some locations that are ideal when considering where to get high in Newport Beach.

The Beaches

Where to Get High in Newport Beach 2

The sun, the sand, the relaxing ocean breezes, the sound of the sea. These are all factors that make Newport Beach beaches the ultimate city for enjoying a cannabis high. Here’s a brief rundown on the city beaches that are conducive to the cannabis experience.

  • Balboa Peninsula Beach: Balboa Peninsula is recommended as it’s one of the best beaches for swimming. This is due to its clean water and gentle waves.
  • Balboa Pier Beach: Balboa Pier offers terrific views, a pier to walk on, and fishing opportunities.
  • Cameo Shores Beach: This uncrowded beach is known for its beautiful and colorful tide pools.
  • Genoa West Beach: You will be lucky enough to have access to this beach if you have a friend that lives in Lido Isle. It offers white powdery sand and a spacious playground for little ones to enjoy.  
  • Corona Del Mar State Beach: Corona Del Mar State Beach has a wide, flat sandy shore that’s perfect for volleyball and sunbathers. It’s also a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, barbecues, and picnics.

The Parks

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Parks make terrific hot spots for where to get high in Newport Beach. Here are a few to consider checking out.

  • Marina Park: Marina Park is a cutting-edge community and sailing center. It offers sleek architecture, ample play spaces, an outdoor fitness center, basketball courts and an onsite café for when you get the munchies.
  • 38th St. Park: This park boasts 3 basketballs courts, 2 picnic tables, play equipment and more. It’s ideal for those looking for athletic activities in a quest to find where to get high in Newport Beach.
  • Castaways Park: Castaways offers stunning views of Newport Back Bay and Harbor. Its flat paths are great for walking.
  • Arroyo Park: This park offers athletic fields, a barbecue area, a basketball court, play equipment, and ample parking.
  • Galaxy View Park features lovely water fountains, bay views, and a picnic area. There are plenty of benches where you can chill out and take it all in.

Attractions and Activities

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There are plenty of attractions and activities that will come up when thinking of where to get high in Newport Beach. Here are a few to add to your list.

  • Bunnyhenge and Sculpture Exhibition in Civic Center Park: Bunnyhenge already sounds pretty bugged out, doesn’t it? It is located in the Sculpture Exhibition in Civic Center Park which can best be described as a ‘museum without walls’. Bunnyhenge consists of 16 white bunnies sitting in a circle with conspicuously vibrant eyes.
  • Whale Watching: Whale watching is a popular Newport Beach summer and fall activity. You can gather at Newport Landing to see humpback whales, finback whales, killer whales, dolphins, seals, and sharks in the gorgeous blue water. Trips and tours are available.
  • Sherman Library and Gardens: The gardens span 2.2 acres and are known as a delightfully whimsical horticultural wonderland. Each garden has a different theme. You can also go inside to the library to find out information about the Pacific Southwest.
  • Balboa Fun Zone: The Balboa Fun Zone first launched in 1936 offering nothing but a Ferris wheel and small beach. It was ready to decline into nonexistence when it was revived into a haven of exciting activities in the early 90s. You can visit the facility to bungee jump, play arcade games and sign up for harbor cruises.
  • Pirate Coast Paddle Company: If you enjoy paddle-boarding, Pirate Coast offers the perfect adventure experience. It provides lessons for beginners and board rentals. You will feel as if you are walking on water.  


Where to Get High in Newport Beach 5

After indulging in cannabis products, you are likely to have the munchies. Here are a few eateries that will satisfy those cravings making them the perfect places for where to get high in Newport Beach.

  • Newport Landing Restaurant: Newport Landing is an upscale eatery that offers a causal atmosphere and locally sourced ingredients. It was established in 1986 and has cemented itself as a local favorite. It serves a variety of seafood dishes.
  • Moulin Bistro: Run by a French chef, this eatery provides an authentic French bistro experience. You will be enticed by the smell of French bread baking. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes including pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes, and more.
  • Ruby’s Diner: Ruby’s Diner is an outdoor eatery located on Balboa Pier. It serves soup, chili, sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, shakes and malts. It’s an affordable way to satisfy your munchies.

There are so many great options when it comes to where to get high in Newport Beach. The city is full of several restaurants, beaches, parks, activities, and attractions to enjoy. Which of these is your favorite destination?

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