What to Look for in a Weed Delivery Company

Weed delivery is a convenient way to get the cannabis products you require delivered to your front door. It eliminates the need for you to take time out of your day to pick up cannabis. It’s an ideal option for people on tight schedules and those who deal with pain conditions.

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But not every weed delivery company is created equal. You must find a company that provides quality products and speedy delivery. Here are some things you should look for when you choose a provider.

Why Use a Weed Delivery Company?

Good for People with Chronic Pain Issues: Some people may have chronic pain and other debilitating issues that make it hard for them to leave their homes. A weed delivery company will deliver weed to their door. They will provide symptom-relieving products and eliminate the need to travel.

Saves Time: Many people don’t have time in their busy day to run out to the dispensary. A weed delivery company will save you a time-consuming trip.

Could Save Money: Most weed delivery companies charge delivery fees which increase the cost of the order. Tips are also part of the delivery process. But when you consider the high price of gas, you may still save money on your order.

More Products: When you visit a dispensary, you are limited to buying the products that are available on the shelves. But weed delivery options allow you to shop the warehouse selection. You’ll get access to more products.

Discretion and Privacy: Despite increased legalization, some people don’t want to be seen at dispensaries. They don’t want community members judging them because they use marijuana. When you order from a weed delivery company, neighbors will see you walking out to a car and picking up a package. The cars are usually unmarked, so no one needs to know.

Weed Delivery Company Characteristics to Consider

Quality Products: The dispensary you work with must provide quality products. They should be potent and pure as advertised. Choose a legal dispensary with good customer and peer-to-peer reviews. Ask to see lab tests that show the products are free of contaminants.

Selection: The dispensary you order from should provide a wide selection.  Vast stock will allow you to try new products you may be interested in. But more importantly, the dispensary should carry products you like to use.

Delivery Service: Choose a weed delivery company that offers a reliable delivery service. Customer reviews will provide some insight into the company’s reliability. Deliveries should be made within a reasonable window. You should receive your correct order in good condition.

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Location: Weed delivery can take a while. It’s not unusual for dispensaries to take an hour or two to deliver. But delivery times will vary depending on how far you are from the dispensary. It’s essential to choose one that’s close by. You must also ensure that the company delivers to your area.

Pricing: The dispensary you choose should offer reasonable prices on their products. But they should also offer reasonable delivery fees- or better yet, no fees at all. The tips and fees can increase pricing substantially. Pay attention to the price structure before placing your order. Be aware that some dispensaries may also set a minimum order requirement.

Delivery Hours: Many people like to enjoy weed after work. Others may choose to consume early in the morning and on weekends. It’s essential to find a weed delivery company that’s there when you need them.

Consultation Services: Many people like to consult with a dispensary expert when purchasing weed products. They like to learn about the best products for their condition. Not every weed delivery service offers a consultation option. But some will have phone lines open so you can talk to reps before you place your order.  

How Does Weed Delivery Work?

Different weed delivery companies have different operational systems. But here’s an idea of how most work:

  1. Choose the weed delivery option: When you begin browsing the dispensary’s online store, you will have the option to choose home delivery, or you can have the package shipped. Either option may ask you to upload your ID and medical marijuana card (if needed in your state) before you start your order.
  2. Pick the Items You Want: Choose the items you want and add them to your cart.
  3. Go to Checkout: You will pay for your order and provide delivery details, such as your address and special instructions, at the checkout window. You should also get a confirmation that tells you when your delivery will arrive. Some weed delivery companies will allow you to track your delivery.
  4. Meet Your Delivery Driver: Most states do not permit weed delivery drivers to come to your door. Look out for your driver so you are prepared to receive your order.

Things to Know About Weed Delivery

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Where Can I Get Weed Delivered To?

Weed delivery laws vary from state to state. Some dispensaries deliver to private residences only. Others will deliver to hotels, businesses, dormitories, and more.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Order from a Weed Delivery Company?

Age requirements also vary from state to state. Some states allow people 21 & over to consume weed. In other states, it’s 18 & over.

If you are legally allowed to consume and possess weed in your state, you may order it from a dispensary for delivery. If your state has an age limit of 21+, you may order weed if you are 18-20 with a doctor’s permission.

Are There Limits on the Amount of Weed That Can Be Delivered?

Yes, there are limits on the amount of weed that can be delivered. They vary according to state possession laws.

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