What are the Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies?

Weed has many side effects. Some people feel euphoric, others get paranoid. But there is one common symptom many of us have… the munchies! The question is, what are the best foods to satisfy munchies? This article will have all the answers.

Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 2
Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 2

Why Do People Get the Munchies?

When you consume weed, it enters the endocannabinoid system, a vast network that controls signals and receptors throughout the body. It affects areas of the brain that control mood and appetite. It also promotes the release of a hormone called ghrelin which stimulates hunger.

Several studies have been conducted investigating the relationship between marijuana and appetite. One animal study found that THC increases sensitivity to smell so food aromas make food more tempting, causing us to eat more. Other research found that neurons that typically tell us we’re full turn off when cannabis is used.

THC also increases dopamine production which makes eating more pleasurable and lowers inhibitions that tell us to stop eating.

It has also been found that obese people have a bigger munchie response.

What are the Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies?

Munchies don’t only increase appetite. They increase cravings for salty, sugary foods that are high in carbohydrates. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthily when you get high.

In this section, we’ll discuss various best foods to satisfy munchies options so you can determine what you should be snacking on the next time you’re stoned.

Not So Healthy Food Options

Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 3
Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 3
  • Pizza: Cheesy goodness!
  • Oreos: Bet you can’t eat just one.
  • M&Ms: The perfect snackable treat.
  • Ice Cream: You scream, I scream, we all scream…
  • Brownies: As a munchie or an edible.
  • Hot Cheetos: Or your chip of choice.
  • Chicken Wings: The perfect thing to snack on while watching a stoner movie.
  • More Cheese Please: Cheese is always satisfying when stoned. Load up on quesadillas, cheese sticks, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Rice Krispie Treats: I like the kind with candies added.
  • French Fries: Go all out and add chili on top.  

Not-So-Healthy Fast-Food Options

Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 4
Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 4

There are plenty of fast-food restaurants that specifically cater to stoned guests. Here are some best foods to satisfy munchies when you’re out and about.

  • Jack in the Box: Jack in the Box encourages stoners to visit with their late-night Munchie Meal. It includes your choice of sandwich, fries, two tacos, and a drink. Their $1 crunchy tacos are also among the best foods to satisfy munchies.
  • In N Out: If there’s an In N Out near you, visit to enjoy animal-style fries topped with secret sauce, 4×4 cheeseburgers, and decadent shakes.
  • Jollibee: This Filipino fast-food restaurant is known for its top-notch fried chicken and gravy. Other items that qualify as best foods to satisfy munchies include their spaghetti topped with extra sweet tomato sauce and their halo-halo dessert.
  • White Castle: Harold and Kumar put White Castle sliders on the map when it comes to the best foods to satisfy munchies.
  • Taco Bell: Taco Bell’s affordable and addictive menu has made it a stoner favorite since day one. Recommendations include their Crunchwrap Supreme, $5 boxes, Doritos locos tacos, and just about anything on their value menu.
  • Little Caesars: Little Caesars may not be the best pizza in the world, but its affordable prices make it a good stoner choice. Plus, they recently started offering delivery so you can get their cheesy goodness delivered to your doorstep and barely move a muscle.

Grocery Store Items to Stock Up on for Satisfying Munchies

Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 5
Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 5

Save money by stocking your fridge, freezer, and cabinets with food that’s easy to eat, easy to make, and recommended as the best foods to satisfy munchies. Here are some to shop for on your next grocery visit.

  • Hot Pockets: What’s your favorite filling?
  • Frozen Pizza: A classic.
  • Ramen: Cheap and filling.
  • Mac and Cheese: Single serving sizes are ideal.
  • Nutella: Eat it straight from the jar or mix it with peanut butter in your favorite recipes.
  • Pop Tarts: Great toasted or out of the box.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Baking is for suckers.
  • Potato Chips: Or any type of chip you prefer.
  • Cheez-Its: Are these slightly healthier than chips? Who knows and who cares?
  • Frozen White Castle Sliders: Thanks to the gods for making these available in the grocery store.
  • Frozen Taquitos: They take a long time to cook, but they just may be worth it. Just don’t forget they are in the oven.
  • Bagel Bites: Yummers!

Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies for Healthy Eaters

Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 6
Best Foods to Satisfy Munchies 6
  • Spiced Popcorn: Popcorn is a low-fat, healthy snack. Use spices instead of salt and butter to keep the calories and fat content under control.
  • Hummus and Veggies: Hummus is packed with good fats making it the perfect substitution for unhealthy fatty food. Veggies may not be the most tempting menu items for stoners, but they are high in fiber and protein. And they’ll taste a lot better covered in hummus.
  • Roasted Chickpeas: Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Chickpeas have a warm, nutty taste and there’s not much pea-like about them.
  • Avocado Toast: Avocado’s rich, buttery taste makes it one of the most decadent health foods around. Eat it on its own or spread it on toast to create a savory meal.
  • Tomatoes and Mozzarella: Sandwich a creamy slab of mozzarella between two tomatoes. It’s kind of like eating pizza without the high-calorie crust.
  • Kale Chips: You can make kale chips at home by mixing the leaves with olive oil and salt and baking them on a cookie sheet until the leaves are slightly brown. They are an ideal potato chip substitute.
  • Frozen Yogurt: Forego the fat and calories of ice cream with a frozen yogurt treat.
  • Edamame: Edamame is a soybean harvested before it’s pulled out of the pod. It may sound weird, but it’s a soft and tasty treat.
  •  Granola Bites: Granola Bites are terrific munchie options. They are easy to eat and ideal for satisfying hunger.

Now that you know the best foods to satisfy munchies, which will you stock up on?

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