The Healing Plant

If you’ve been browsing the 420 Central website, you’ve probably learned a bit about our fantastic selection. But do you know that we also have our own manufacturing facility? That’s right, company owner Robert Taft also owns The Healing Plant, a cannabis manufacturing facility right here in Costa Mesa. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

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The Story of The Healing Plant

The story of The Healing Plant dates to 2018. That was when Costa Mesa planning commissioners gave the facility a thumbs up, making for a total of nine commission-approved cannabis businesses in the city.

The commission granted the Healing Plant the required conditional use permit they needed to open a 22,173-square-foot facility at 1685 Toronto Way.

The business was open under Measure X, a voter-passed initiative that allowed companies to research, test, process, and manufacture medical marijuana products to open in a specified area of the city north of South Coast Drive and west of Harbor Blvd.

Shortly after, the City Council approved a code amendment to allow recreational marijuana businesses to open in the same area.

The approval was a positive step forward. But the Healing Plant still had some work to do.

They spent a year acquiring licenses and ensuring all city and state regulations were being followed. They were getting close to completion when the COVID lockdown happened. But fortunately, the government deemed them an essential business, so they were able to continue their work.

The company hosted its grand opening in the summer of 2021.

About The Healing Plant

The Healing Plant is a manufacturing, processing, and distribution facility for cannabis products. Services include filling vape pens, crafting edibles, and bottling cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverages.

The facility is a 6, 7, 9, and 11 license holder. It is the first type 7 manufacturing license in Orange County. It is certified by the Costa Mesa fire department, and third-party engineers.  It is regulated by the California Dept of Health for manufacturing, and by the Bureau of Cannabis Control for the plant’s type 9 delivery license.

The Healing Plant’s mission is to help people find quality cannabis products that help them achieve optimal wellness. But owner, Robert Taft, is also focused on assisting other cannabis businesses in reaching their professional goals.

70% to 80% of The Healing Plant’s business involves helping others get their products to market. And each brand that approaches Taft is guaranteed shelf space in his 420 dispensaries.

The Healing Plant is a Sign of 420 Central Quality

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Cannabis is becoming an important part of the world of natural health. But with the market still highly unregulated, it can be difficult to find products you can trust.

The fact that 420 Central is associated with The Healing Plant facility shows we know what we’re doing when it comes to the products we provide. We forge personal relationships with business owners which allows us to feel confident about selling their goods. Our own knowledge of the industry ensures that our items are up to standard and guaranteed to be effective.

Sublime Teams Up with the Healing Plant

The Healing Plant is always looking to innovate and improve its services. The latest exciting news involves a collaboration with the reggae/punk band Sublime.

At the beginning of Feb. 22, the band officially announced that it was entering a partnership for California’s regulated cannabis market later in the year. Under the deal, the Healing Plant would produce and distribute a curated line of Sublime-branded products focusing on the healing properties of marijuana.

“Sublime has its own weed now. I mean, what more needs to be said other than light ‘em up,” drummer Bud Gaugh said at the time.

“Our line will consist of not only what is wanted but what is needed to help heal,” said Troy Dendekker, widow of Bradley Nowell, the band’s former frontman. She also mentioned that it was a given that the band would have its own cannabis line. They were just waiting for the right partnership. The Healing Plant gave them the perfect opportunity.

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The band’s manager, Scott Seine expressed a similar sentiment saying, “After four years of searching, we’re happy we found this with Robert Taft Jr. and The Healing Plant whose mission to prioritize the healing and medicinal qualities of cannabis was of paramount importance to the band.”

The Sublime brand officially launched in the summer of 2022 with The Healing Plant handling all its distribution in SoCal markets. They are working out a similar strategy to get the products distributed in Northern California markets.

The Healing Plant used a top geneticist to help curate the strains under the band’s guidance. They rely on specific farmers who deliver consistent quality for cultivation. The controlled rollout is meant to ensure high quality and availability at designated retailers.

Sublime has long sung about marijuana and its benefits. But their support of cannabis has a deeper meaning.

The band also recognizes its potential to fight opioid addiction. This is a cause that’s near and dear to them as Nowell died of an opioid overdose.

“The brand is going to bring you Sublime’s ‘Greatest Hits’ of recreational cannabis as well as a full line of medicinal products that will benefit people fighting opioid and heroin addiction, a very important driven line, especially for the community of artists in memory of Bradley Nowell himself,” said Taft.Customers can find the Sublime Smoke to Joints product line for sale on the 420 Central website. These include an ‘At Night – Pre-roll 2 Pack’ (Indica), an ‘In the Afternoon Pre-roll 2 Pack’ (Hybrid), and an ‘In the Morning Pre-Roll 2 Pack (Sativa).

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