What are Cannabis Drinkables? The Newest Trend in Cannabis Consumption

We’ve all heard of cannabis edibles. Now, there’s a new trend in the industry- cannabis drinkables. They have been around since 2010, but they are currently gaining popularity.

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Read on to learn more about cannabis beverages, their benefits, and their disadvantages.

What are Cannabis Drinkables?

As the name suggests, cannabis beverages are drinks that contain cannabis. They may contain CBD, THC, or both. They may also contain caffeine, alcohol, and other cannabis constituents.

Cannabis can be added to any type of drink, including soda, seltzer, fruit punch, coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages.

How are Cannabis Drinkables Made?

Cannabis beverages are infused with a cannabis extract. The cannabis is extracted by adding liquid carbon dioxide to raw cannabis under immense heat and pressure. The carbon dioxide is released, and the cannabis extract remains.

The extract then undergoes nanoemulsion. The process involves breaking down the oils into nanoparticles and blending them into the beverage.

Where are Cannabis Drinkables Sold?

Cannabis drinks are sold in dispensaries. They can be purchased by adults following state law. They can be purchased in person, online, or by delivery.

How Potent is Cannabis Drinkables?

The amount of CBD or THC in a cannabis drinkable will vary. Products advertised as “low dose” will contain 2-4mg per 8-ounce container. High-dose products can have 100-200 mg of cannabis per container. Pay attention to the product concentration to ensure you don’t overdo it.

What Effects Do Cannabis Drinkables Have?

The effects of cannabis beverages vary depending on the person and the product. The strain in the product is one consideration. The product may contain sativa marijuana which produces relaxing effects, indica marijuana which promotes alertness, or a hybrid blend which offers a combination of results.

If the drink contains CBD, it will not have psychoactive effects. It may promote well-being and pain relief.

The drink may also contain other ingredients like herbs, caffeine, and alcohol that will affect you accordingly.

The effects of the drink will also vary due to biological factors such as genetics, tolerance, mental well-being, and more.

How Quickly Do Cannabis Drinkables Hit?

Cannabis edibles hit slowly because they go through the digestive system before they enter the bloodstream. Drinkables do not go through the digestive system so they will hit faster, usually within a half hour. Consumers are warned to pay attention to dosage and drink slowly to determine how the drink affects them before downing an entire bottle or can.

Are Cannabis Drinkables Healthier Than Alcoholic Beverages?

Cannabis Drinkables 4
Cannabis Drinkables 4

Cannabis drinks are advertised as an alcoholic beverage alternative. But there is no scientific evidence that proves cannabis drinkables are healthier than alcoholic beverages. However, they do not cause a hangover and they may contain fewer calories.

On the downside, they may contain added sugars and flavors as well as pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Cannabis Drinkables and Kids

One of the biggest downsides to cannabis beverages is their potential to be confused with non-cannabis beverages. Adults may drink a cannabis-infused beverage thinking it is a regular soda and wind up having a day they didn’t expect to have.

On a more serious note, children may consume cannabis drinkables and experience serious medical symptoms. Adults must be careful to keep cannabis beverages away from children.

What are the Guidelines Regarding the Labeling of Cannabis Drinkables?

Cannabis drinkable labeling laws vary from state to state. They mainly follow FDA guidelines that apply to other foods. Manufacturers must list all active ingredients, nutritional facts, and allergens. They may be required to include a Prop 65 warning which alerts consumers on the potential dangers of consuming cannabis beverages.

California does not permit drinkables to be sold in clear bottles. Other states do not adhere to similar rules.

Are Cannabis Drinkables Legal?

The legality of cannabis drinkables is equivalent to the laws that exist in your state. Refer to local guidelines to determine who can buy, where you can buy, and how much you can possess. Like all cannabis products, drinkables can be consumed on private property, but consumption is not permitted in public places.

Pros and Cons of Cannabis Drinkables


  • Provides all the benefits of cannabinoids including pain relief and improved mental and physical wellbeing
  • Easy to consume
  • Healthier than smoking cannabis
  • Maybe a healthier alternative to alcohol
  • A tasty, fun way to consume cannabis


  • May have detrimental health effects if a product contains contaminants
  • May contain unhealthy additives
  • May be mistaken for a non-infused drink by children and adults
  • Hits quickly so dosage must be controlled

What Cannabis Drinkables Does 420 Carry?

Cannabis Drinkables 3
Cannabis Drinkables 3

Hi-Fi Sessions: Hi-Fi Sessions is a cannabis-infused seltzer. It is available in a 2:2 CBD cloudberry and a 10 MG Hoppy Chill 10mg THC variety. It can be purchased in single cans and 4-packs.

Cannabis Quencher Lemonade: Cannabis Quencher Lemonade is a THC beverage. Indica blackberry lemonade & lime, sativa old-fashioned lemonade, and hybrid strawberry lemonade varieties are available.

Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer: This famous beer brand manufactures high seltzers in varieties like Midnight Series (THC/CBN), strawberry kiwi (hybrid THC), passion fruit pineapple (hybrid THC), and daytime guava (hybrid THC/THCv). You can purchase single cans and 4-packs.

Keef: Keef is one of the most well-known cannabis drinkables manufacturers. 420 carries a variety of hybrid single-can varieties including Orange Kush, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Purple Passion, Mr. Puffer, and original cola.

St. Ides High Tea: These 12 oz cans are infused with 100 mg of THC. They come in Maui Mango, wild raspberry, and Georgia peach flavors.

Cannabis drinkables are a fun way to consume cannabis. But you must be careful when dosing. It’s also critical to find products you can trust. Will you add these beverages to your wellness routine?

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