Marijuana Microdosing: How to Get the Perfect Balance

Many of us enjoy the effects of marijuana, but it’s important not to get too high when you are trying to be productive. Microdosing marijuana may be the ultimate solution. You can microdose marijuana to enjoy benefits like increased creativity and relaxation without having it interfere with your ability to act professionally and get things done.

Dr Jolly's Dispensary in Bend, Oregon
Dr Jolly’s Dispensary in Bend, Oregon

As the name suggests, microdosing marijuana involves taking marijuana in small quantities. But how much should you be taking, how should you be taking it, and how often should you be hitting? This article will answer all your questions.

What are the Benefits of Microdosing Marijuana?

  • Enjoy Weed without the High: Microdosing marijuana allows you to enjoy cannabis benefits, like increased creativity and relaxation, without the psychoactive effects.
  • Reduced Side Effects: Microdosing marijuana reduces unwanted side effects like lethargy, paranoia, and anxiety.
  • Discretion: When you take lower doses of marijuana, people won’t be able to tell you are high. You can consume and go about your daily tasks.

How to Microdose Marijuana?

The key to microdosing marijuana involves finding the perfect dose. You want to take enough to feel the effects, but not so much that you are acting silly. Determining the right balance isn’t easy.

If you are a regular marijuana user, microdosing marijuana can be difficult. It will be challenging to find a low dose of marijuana that affects you at all. Therefore, you should cleanse your system by staying away from cannabis for a few days.

Once your system is cleansed, it will be more responsive to marijuana.

To find the right microdose, start with a low dose and increase gradually if necessary. Most people find ideal microdoses between 1mg and 10mg, but 2.5mg is a good place to start.

Wait for 45 minutes after microdosing marijuana to determine how it will affect you before deciding you need more.

What is the Best Way to Microdose Microdose?

There are various ways to microdose marijuana, but it’s essential to choose a method that makes it easy for you to tell how much you are consuming. Here are some to consider.

Edibles: Store-bought edibles are ideal for microdosing marijuana. Most gummies and candies will tell you how much cannabis is in each serving so you can consume as much as you need. However, if you are baking your edibles, it’s difficult to determine how much cannabis you are consuming as it will distribute unevenly throughout the batter.

Drops: Drops will also tell you how much marijuana is in each serving. However, it can be difficult to get the exact amount you want in each dropperful.

Tablets and Capsules: Tablets and capsules are ideal for microdosing marijuana because you know exactly how much you are getting in each pill.

Smoking, Vaping: Smoking and vaping are not ideal for microdosing marijuana. It’s very difficult to control the amount you are inhaling. Some people may get it down to art, but it will be challenging.

Artist Smoking Marijuana Vape Pen and Joint in Studio
Artist Smoking Marijuana Vape Pen and Joint in Studio

Keep in mind that the way you take cannabis will affect its potency. Edibles tend to hit the hardest because the THC is processed by the stomach, and metabolized by the liver before it hits your bloodstream and travels to your brain. So if you are going the edible route, you may require a smaller amount than you would if you were smoking cannabis.

Tinctures have a higher concentration than smoking so you may feel stronger effects with this method as well.

Microdosing CBD

You may wonder, why microdose CBD? It already provides many cannabis benefits without the psychoactive effects.

It’s recommended to start off microdosing when you first use CBD so you can determine the dose that’s perfect for you. Studies have shown that taking excessive amounts of CBD doesn’t necessarily improve benefits. In some cases, exceeding doses can even have negative effects.

Finding the perfect dose will help you enjoy CBD’s benefits. It ensures you don’t overdo it.

Because CBD is milder than THC, you can start with higher doses. Most people will start out taking 20 mg of CBD to see how it affects them. If you feel you need more, increase by 5 mg a day until you feel optimal results.

Microdosing Psychedelics

Closeup shot of a fossil statue of mushrooms on black background
Closeup shot of a fossil statue of mushrooms on black background

The concept of microdosing originated with psychedelics. The idea was to find a dose that provided the benefits of the drug, such as improved mood and increased focus while decreasing negative effects like physiological discomfort and anxiety. Mushrooms are often used in experimenting as they allow you to control your dose.

The issue with microdosing psychedelics is, the market is highly unregulated, more so than marijuana. Therefore, it can be difficult to tell how much of the drug you are consuming. Unlike cannabis, you can’t buy products that tell you how many milligrams of the drug are in each serving.  

Experts define microdosing as taking 5-10% of a full dose of a psychedelic. However, the perfect dosage amount will vary depending on genetic factors like height, weight, and tolerance.

Microdosing psychedelics is a subject that’s being closely studied. Scientists are becoming more aware of psychedelics’ mental health benefits, and measures for legalization are moving forward. Finding the right dose will be imperative as these drugs can have significant effects when excessive doses are consumed.

Final Thoughts

Microdosing marijuana is a good way to get the benefits of cannabis and psychedelics. The guidelines in this article will help you microdose cannabis and mushrooms so you feel good without overdoing it. What microdosing tips do you have to share?

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