Is There a Cannabis Season? And When is It?

Certain fruits have a season. We know peaches will be at their best during the summer. Citrus fruits are tasty and plentiful during the winter. But what about cannabis? Is there a cannabis season?

Hand marijuana leaves.
Hand marijuana leaves.

As you might predict, cannabis grows best when there is adequate sunlight and pleasant temperatures. In the northern hemisphere, the growing season runs from March to May. The southern hemisphere sees cold temperatures during the summer and warm temperatures in the winter, so the cannabis season runs from September to November.

However, cannabis season can vary according to the climate of the region. In warmer climates, growing seasons are longer so farmers can plant early and harvest later. In colder climates, the growing season is shorter.

What are the Stages of Marijuana Growth?

Marijuana growth can be divided into four stages as follows:

  • Germination: Germination occurs when the marijuana seed sprouts. The process usually takes 5 to 10 days. Plants need plenty of light during this phase.
  • Seedling: The seedling stage involves the seed growing roots. It typically lasts for 2-3 weeks. The right amount of light will help it grow healthy.
  • Vegetative: During the vegetative state, the plant will reach its maximum vertical height. It requires maximum light during this 3-to-16-week phase. Indoor growers may treat their plants to up to 24 hours of light.
  • Flowering: During the 8-to-11-week flowering stage, the plant’s buds will grow. It will develop a distinct aroma. Its pistils will darken and its trichomes will become whiter. The flowering stage does not require as much light, so it typically takes place during the fall.

In the northern hemisphere, plants are typically harvested in September or October. In warmer climates, farmers can wait until November.

Different Types of Plants and Harvesting Methods

Most plants are harvested in the fall. So, is fall cannabis season? Yes and no.

Fall is the time of year when outdoor plants are at their peak. However, many indoor growers simulate outdoor environments. They can grow cannabis year-round.

You must also consider the different types of weed. Some weed is photoperiod and responds to the light it receives. It will benefit from more light.

Other plants are auto-flowering. They are not light-sensitive. They automatically switch from a vegetative to a flowering state when they reach a certain maturity point.

Is Cannabis Better Grown Indoors or Outdoors?

Cannabis Season 3
Cannabis Season 3

Outdoor weed has a specific cannabis season. Indoor weed does not. So which one is better to purchase?

Both types of weed have advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Outdoor Weed

  • Costs: Outdoor weed is cheaper to produce. Growers spend less on electricity and equipment. They can pass these savings on to the purchaser.
  • Better for the Environment: Outdoor growth is a natural option that’s less damaging to the environment. It does not require technology that is not energy efficient.
  • Higher Yields: Outdoor plants can be twice the size of indoor plants. They use half the energy to grow.
  • Better Flavor: Many cannabis experts believe outdoor weed is more flavorful. They feel the outdoor conditions give the weed a deeper, richer, more complex flavor profile, comparable to wine.

Indoor Weed

  • Bugs/Pesticides: Indoor weeds are protected from bugs and pests. The conditions are beneficial to growers as well as consumers who don’t have to worry about pesticide contamination.
  • More Control: Indoor growers have more control over the growing environment, including light, temperature, and humidity levels. They can use this advantage to enhance the quality and quantity of their weed.
  • Higher THC: Indoor growers can easily introduce more carbon dioxide into the environment to increase growth, yield, and THC levels.
  • Better Security: An indoor environment is more secure. Growers have the benefit of knowing their plant is safe. It’s also easier for indoor cultivators to keep track of inventory.

Different Strains for Different Seasons

Cannabis season can also vary depending on the strains you prefer. Sativa strains take much longer to mature than indica strains. You may have to wait until fall to find sativa strains at their peak.

Indica strains may be ready in the summer months.  

Cannabis Season by State

Northwestern States: Northwestern states face harvesting concerns due to cold and rainy weather. Rain can cause mold that can be detrimental to plants. Cannabis season is usually March or April, but it can be as late as May depending on the temperature. Starting early allows plants to flower before it’s too cold. Growers in these states may benefit from indoor growing and auto-flowering plants.

Southern States: Southern states are conducive to growing thanks to their warmer weather and increased sunshine. Experts still recommend starting the growing process in March and April, but growers may start later in the season depending on the climate.

Cannabis Season by Country

vprojectold1 Aum 15
vprojectold1 Aum 15

Certain countries see better cannabis growth than others. Afghanistan is especially good for cannabis growth. It produces significantly high yields of cannabis resin. It is also a main producer of Indica weed thanks to its hot, dry climate.

Other countries that are known for cannabis production include:

  • Bolivia
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Paraguay
  • South Africa
  • America

Main producers of cannabis resin include:

  • Morocco
  • Afghanistan
  • Central Asia
  • C.I.S. excluding Central Asia
  • Pakistan
  • Spain
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Nepal
  • Lebanon
  • Jamaica
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Albania

Final Thoughts

Unlike fruits and vegetables, there is no one time of the year when cannabis is freshest, tastiest, and most plentiful. The fall is the closest thing to cannabis season, but indoor growth and different climates in different regions affect when the season falls. How will you use this information to guide your purchasing decisions?

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