First Dispensary in Costa Mesa

There are so many reasons to love 420 Central dispensary. But one thing you might not know is, we are the first dispensary in Costa Mesa. We are the first to become legal in the area. And we are the only legal dispensary in the city.

First Dispensary in Costa Mesa

Read on to find out what being the first dispensary in Costa Mesa means in terms of the product you are getting.

Why is it Important to Buy Legal Weed?

Cannabis is becoming legalized all over the country. While this offers health benefits to many people, it also comes with its share of problems. One major problem is the many illegal dispensaries that are opening up.

Many shady entrepreneurs are trying their hand at the cannabis industry. In doing so, they are opening illegal dispensaries. This allows them to get around paying taxes.

Some people may prefer using illegal dispensaries as some charge lower prices due to not having to pay taxes. However, there are many disadvantages to buying illegal weed including the following:

  • You Can’t Trust the Products: Many companies that sell illegal weed use shady practices in other aspects of their business. For example, they may advertise CBD products as not containing THC when they actually do. They may also falsely represent their products in terms of purity and potency.
  • You’re Taking Away from Honest Businesspeople: There are many people who are trying to run their CBD companies honestly by the book. However, they are being undercut by dishonest businessmen who can charge less because they are not paying taxes. This makes it difficult for them to stay afloat.
  • Reduced Economic Benefits to Communities: Legalized weed leads to increased tax revenue, job growth and investment opportunities that can help grow local economies. If you buy illegal, you detract from the positive impact legal weed can make.


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If you buy legal at the first dispensary in Costa Mesa, you can feel confident you are purchasing products you can trust. You will be helping honest businesspeople. And you will be contributing to improvements in your community in more ways than one.

How Do I Know if the Weed I’m Buying is Legal?

Consumers can verify the legal status of a cannabis dispensary by visiting local online license search platforms. Unfortunately, not every state has these available. But there are other signs that will tell you your dispensary is not legal including the following:

  • Hours of Operation: Most states have hours when dispensaries can legally operate. If your dispensary is operating outside of these hours, they may not be legal.
  • Checking ID: Dispensaries should be checking your ID to make sure you are 21. If they are not, this is not a great sign.
  • Consumption on Store Premises: Dispensaries should not be allowing their customers to partake in their products in the store. If they are letting you smoke up or test the products on-site, that’s another negative sign.


If all else fails, you can always ask to see the store’s license. 420 Central is the first dispensary in Costa Mesa and we are 100% legal.

About the First Dispensary in Costa Mesa

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As the first dispensary in Costa Mesa, 420 Central prides itself on offering high quality products. We have a huge selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid. Our products include flower, vapes, accessories, pre-rolls, edibles, extracts, topicals, pills, and tinctures.

We are staffed by a friendly and knowledgeable crew of budtenders. They will help you find the products that are best suited to your needs. They will determine the items that work best in helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

When it comes to shopping our selection, you have three options as follows:

Come into Our Store: Come into our store to consult with our knowledgeable budtenders and view our products firsthand.

Shop Online: If you don’t have time to come into our store, you may prefer to shop online. You can have products from our first dispensary in Costa Mesa selection delivered right to your door.

Get Weed Delivered: If you don’t have time to come into our location and you want your products right away, you can have them delivered directly. We offer prompt and reliable service.

We also offer great deals almost every day of the week. For example, you can come in to our first dispensary in Costa Mesa for:

  • Shatterday: 20% off concentrates on Saturday.
  • High Five Sunday offering $1 joints from High Five
  • 20% off all day Monday
  • Wellness Wednesday: 20% off all wellness products.
  • Thirsty Thursday: 20% off all drinks


Our first dispensary in Costa Mesa also offers early bird specials, daily happy hours, and discounts on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Superbowl Sunday. April Fool’s Day, and of course, 4/20.

420 Central Becomes the First Dispensary Costa Mesa

420 Central has long been serving the Orange County area, but it’s only recently that we became the first dispensary Costa Mesa.

Our original location was in Santa Ana. But with our business expanding, we had an opportunity to venture out.

We targeted Costa Mesa as we noticed it was lacking in dispensaries. We also noted that it was a great neighborhood for hanging out and getting high.

Since we opened, we feel we have greatly benefited our community. People enjoy coming in to find the wellness products they require. After leaving our shop, they often frequent nearby businesses to satisfy munchies or take in psychedelic cultural attractions.

In addition to helping businesses thrive in the community, we have also provided much-needed jobs to the people we employ. And if you need work, we are currently hiring.

420 Central is the first dispensary in Costa Mesa. We provide legal, high-grade products to our community. We are here to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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