Eight Best Cannabis Destinations in the World

If you enjoy cannabis, and you love to travel, you want to visit the best cannabis destinations in the world. These destinations are so named thanks to their loose marijuana laws, their high-quality weed, and the many things you can do when you’re high. This article will discuss eight of the best cannabis destinations in the world so you can decide which you would like to visit.

What are the Best Cannabis Destinations in the World?

Portland, OR

Cannabis lovers traveling domestically will not want to miss out on a visit to Portland. As one of the first states to legalize weed, the city is now overrun with dispensaries. The competition has brought prices down to $50 an ounce.

Additionally, there are so many fun activities to engage in when stoned in Portland. You can hang out at one of its many microbreweries and coffeehouses. You can check out the Japanese Garden or the Oregon Zoo to get in touch with nature. Or you can enjoy the vibrant music and club scene that make Portland one of the best cannabis destinations.


Waterfal in Iguazu National Park Cataratas, Argentina
Waterfal in Iguazu National Park Cataratas, Argentina

Argentina is one of the best cannabis destinations as it is the first South American country to legalize medical marijuana. As a bonus, its healthcare system offers medical marijuana to patients for free.

While recreational marijuana is still illegal, possession of cannabis in small amounts has been decriminalized. There is a growing debate for broader legalization throughout the country.

If you are fortunate enough to qualify for medical marijuana in Argentina, you can enjoy the buzz by taking in its warm climate and colorful scenery. Stop by Buenos Aires to check out its many palaces and mansions designed by French architects. Or become one with nature by hiking through the Jardin Japones or the Garganta del Diablo waterfall.

Denver, CO

Denver is not called the Mile High City for anything. It has been a stoner’s paradise since it legalized weed in 2012. Today it has four times as many dispensaries as Los Angeles per capita. It is known for its high-quality marijuana and low prices.

The city boasts captivating scenery that makes the perfect complement to any high. You can check out Larimer Square which is the city’s oldest landmark known for its 19th-century buildings. Or you can take in culture at the Denver Art Museum.


Beautiful landscape of Cabo Polonio in Uruguay at sunset
Beautiful landscape of Cabo Polonio in Uruguay at sunset

Uruguay may be small, but it has taken mighty leaps as the first country to make recreational and medical marijuana completely legal. While tourists are not permitted to purchase weed in the country, you can likely find an Uruguayan who wouldn’t mind sharing a joint.

And it’s not only its legalization measures that make Uruguay among the best cannabis destinations. It’s also its many pet-friendly activities.

You can laze on the beach and take in the art deco buildings that line the shore. You can browse through its port market. If you time your trip correctly, you may be there in time for its cannabis expo.

Buffalo, NY

When you think of the best cannabis destinations in New York, you may assume Manhattan has the lead. But the upstate suburban city of Buffalo has it beat.

Its many indigenous landowners got on the bandwagon shortly after weed was legalized in the Empire States. As a result, Buffalo has tons of dispensaries operating and selling high-quality weed at affordable prices.

While Buffalo may be a sleepy city as compared to Manhattan, it offers several relaxing attractions that are perfect for stoners. You can enjoy nature at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens or take in culture at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House. It’s also not far from the border of weed-friendly Canada.


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With so much drug activity happening in Columbia, the country tends not to think much of marijuana use. The government decriminalized 22 grams for personal use, legalized medical weed, and allows residents to cultivate up to 20 plants for personal consumption. The country’s lax regulations are just part of what makes it one of the best cannabis destinations.

Columbia’s warm climate and lovely scenery make it one of the best countries to be stoned in. You can enjoy the Parque Nacional Nature Tayrona and other natural areas. If you’re a culture buff, the Salt Cathedral or Castle San Felipe de Barajas may be more your speed.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canada is one of the many countries that have made recreational marijuana fully legal. As a result, many Canadian cities may qualify as among the best cannabis destinations. However, Toronto stands out as it is one of the few cities in the nation that allow you to smoke cannabis publicly without facing legal consequences.

Toronto is also home to the Hotbox Café, one of Canada’s few legal consumption lounges. It is in Kensington Market, an ideal location for smoking weed and checking out the city’s sights.  Toronto also has several hotspots that are great for smoking weed and enjoying the high including Cherry Beach, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and Don Valley.


Mesmerizing shot of the famous historic Taj Mahal in Agra, India
Mesmerizing shot of the famous historic Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Weed is still technically illegal in most states in India, but it has long been used for medical and recreational purposes in the country. Therefore, most officials will turn a blind eye when residents and visitors purchase or consume cannabis products locally. You can even purchase bhang, a weed milkshake made with cannabis seeds and leaves, in many government-owned stores throughout the country.  

There is no one city in India recommended among the best cannabis destinations. Rather, there are many locations throughout the country known for providing terrific weed experiences. You can visit the evergreen haunt of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, get lost in the Sacred Forest of Mawphlang, or enjoy the natural beauty of Root Bridges, Cherrapunji.

There are a variety of cities that are considered the best cannabis destinations in the world. They are known for their lovely sites, their lax regulations, and their cheap and high-quality weed. Which will you be adding to your bucket list?

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