Best Weed Music: What is the Best Music to Listen to When Smoking Weed?

Weed and music go hand in hand. Many musicians have made a career from creating the best weed music that caters to weed users. When you smoke weed, you hear things in music that you never heard before. The music you listen to can also affect your experience by touching your emotions in different ways.

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Not all marijuana consumers have the same taste in music. If you love rock, you will want to listen to rock n roll when high. If you love hip-hop, you may prefer music with an R&B feel.

The music you choose will also depend on your weed goals. If you are taking weed to be productive and creative, you should listen to something upbeat. If you want the weed to relax you, you may choose music with a soothing vibe.

We can’t cover every genre of music made for every type of weed. But we will point out some artists who go well with a weed high. Read on for some best weed music recommendations.

What is the Best Weed Music?

Classic Rock

Classic rock is one of the genres that defines the best weed music. It had roots in other types of music, but it came into its own in the 1960s, when weed became a major part of alternative culture. There are several classic rock bands you can listen to for an ultimate stoner experience. They include:

  • Pink Floyd: Pink Floyd’s echo-y guitars and meaningful lyrics will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget.
  • Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix was the king of all things psychedelic. He is recommended to listen for weed smoking and acid dropping.
  • Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead has long established a following of weed smokers and acid heads. Their long musical interludes and ironic lyrics make them an excellent music selection when getting high.


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Reggae is another genre that weed smokers enjoy. Its slow, repetitive rhythm makes it the best weed music for people who want to relax. It is also popular with Rastafarians who believe marijuana helps them communicate with their god.

Almost any type of reggae is good for smoking. Here are a few artists that are recommended.

  • Bob Marley: Bob Marley is a reggae singer and weed activist. He is one of the most popular reggae artists of our time. He died in 1981 but his music lives on.
  • Peter Tosh: Peter Tosh was an original member of Bob Marley and the Wailers. He went on to form his solo band. His music is appreciated by many weed smokers.
  • Sublime: Sublime is a favorite for modern reggae fans. They play reggae music with a modern twist. Their lyrics often glorify weed.


We are not sure why there is such a strong connection between weed and rap. It may be that weed is a part of many rappers’ lives. Or it may be that weed helps rappers create and freestyle better. But whatever the reasoning is, there certainly are a lot of rappers who sing about weed.

Rap is good to listen to if you are hoping for an energized high. Recommended best weed music bands include:

  • Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg is a rapper and weed advocate. He is an inspiration to many rappers who glorify weed in their music. In addition to singing many songs about weed, he also has a hand in several weed companies.
  • Kid Cudi: Kid Cudi put himself on the map of weed rappers with his song, “Marijuana”. Many of his songs discuss weed and getting high. His smooth vocals help produce a soothing weed experience for listeners.
  • Nas: Nas is known for his street poetry style and smooth grooves. His song “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” expresses his worshipful view of weed.

Stoner Rock/ Doom Metal

Stoner rock and doom metal are two genres that are often intertwined. Though doom metal is heavier and doomier, both genres are characterized by slow, sludgy riffs that are perfect for getting stoned. They are thought-provoking and oddly relaxing.

Best weed music artists to check out include:

  • Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath are the granddaddies of both genres as well as metal in general. Their heavy riffs are nothing short of iconic. They set the tone for many artists to come.
  • Sleep: Sleep is known for its hypnotic rhythms and long songs. Their song “Jerusalem” is 52 minutes long and constitutes their entire album. The appropriately named “Dopesmoker” has a 63-minute run time.
  • Hawkwind: Hawkwind is an English ‘space rock’ band established in 1969. As their genre name suggests, they are known for their spacy music. Their most famous member was Lemmy Kilmister who went on to establish Motorhead.


Man playing saxophone alone

The blues is among the best weed music because it’s repetitive and relaxing. Its earthy sound blends into the background during most smoking experiences. Here are some artists you should add to your playlist.

  • B.B. King: B.B. King is one of the godfathers of the blues. His uplifting guitar playing and smooth vocals make for a terrific stoner experience.
  • Bessie Smith: Bessie Smith was widely renowned during the Jaz Age. Her sultry vocals earned her the nickname “Empress of the Blues”.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn: Stevie Ray Vaughn is recommended best weed music listening for people with more modern sensibilities. He effortlessly blended blues and rock. Despite his untimely death, his music lives on.

That wraps up our analysis of the best weed music. The artist you choose will depend on your taste and what you are looking to get out of your weed high. Who do you include on your playlist when you’re indulging?

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