Best Strains for New Years Eve

If you want to make your New Year’s celebration great, you need to think of the best strains for New Years Eve.

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New Year’s Eve is a time to throw parties. Cannabis will give your party the lift it needs. It will get everyone in a terrific mood and make them think positively about what’s to come.

But which strain should you use to get the perfect vibe for your celebration? This article will recommend the best strains for New Years Eve so you find the one that’s right for your affair.

What are the Best Strains for New Years Eve?

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Cannabis strains fall into one of three categories: indica, sativa and hybrid. Indica has sedative effects, so it is perfect for relaxing at home. Sativa has energizing effects making it ideal for parties.

Hybrid strains feature an indica-sativa mix. If you go for a hybrid strain for your New Year’s party, make sure it’s sativa dominant.

Strains can be further broken down according to the cannabinoids and terpenes they contain. Labs create these products to have a certain effect. They typically give them a funky name and package them to be sold in dispensaries.

So which of these are the best strains for New Years Eve? Here are a few suggestions.

Laughing Buddha


Laughing Buddha is a sativa dominant strain that was awarded the Cannabis Cup in 2003. As its name suggests, it will have you smiling and laughing all night. It also promotes alertness and attention.

The strain features Jamaican and Thai weed strains. It contains 18% THC. It has a unique and strong flavor that features a hint of sage and other earthy tones.

In addition to being one of the best strains for New Years Eve, it’s a great cannabis variety for smoking during the day. It  promotes both alertness and relaxation making it the ideal companion for taking on everyday tasks.

Durban Poison

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Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain that will give you the jolt of energy you need to party all night. In addition to promoting alertness, it also provides feelings of emotional pleasure. It will help you motivate yourself to take on tasks and it will keep you smiling all the way.

The strain has a THC content of 17% and a sweet, piney taste.

Super Lemon Haze

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This sativa dominant hybrid is named for its citrusy taste and aroma. Its Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze combo will energize you and get you puckering your lips. It will revitalize you during your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

While Super Lemon Haze has energizing effects, it’s indica content makes it ideal for reducing anxiety. With THC concentrations as high as 25%, be careful not to overdo it when partaking in this citrusy strain.

Strawberry Cough

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Strawberry Cough is another great option when it comes to the best strains for New Years Eve. It has been rated among the best when it comes to promoting socialization. It is sure to make you the life of the party.

In addition to being great for parties, Strawberry Cough also has a delicious flavor. Its skunky spicy taste will awaken your taste buds and your entire body will follow suit. With a THC content between 17% and 26%, it will have you buzzing all night.



Trainwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides mood-enhancing and euphoric effects. It features a mix of Thai Sativa, Mexican sativa, and Afghani indica strains. According to legend, it is so named because the brothers who made it had to pull their crop early because a trainwreck happened near their site and they didn’t want it to be discovered.

Fortunately, the effects of Trainwreck are anything but traumatic. It provides a warming sensation while promoting energy and focus. It has a strong piney, citrus taste and a THC content of up to 18%.

Blue Diesel

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Blue Diesel stands out on this list of best strains for New Years Eve as it is indica dominant. However, it has earned a reputation for being one of the most social smokes of its kind. It features a delicious Blueberry and NYC Diesel blend and a THC concentration of up to 23%.

The strain is known for promoting relaxation and warming effects. However, it stimulates the mind and will not disrupt your day. This makes it the perfect cannabis product for parties and social events.


8wTMziz0RQaJqNE4juPn Tangie

So named for its bright, tangerine-like flavor, it is no secret why Tangie is one of the best strains for New Years Eve. The sativa strain features a blend of California Orange and Skunk-1. It has long been a favorite in Amsterdam, and it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

Tangie is great for parties as it promotes euphoria, creativity, and focus. It gets your thoughts flowing so it’s ideal for conversations. It’s no wonder why this strain is a multi-Cannabis Cup award winner.

Blue Goo

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Blue Goo is a sativa dominant hybrid that features a mix of Blue Dream hybrid and indica Afgoo. It offers Afgoo’s uplifting effects alongside Blue Dream’s mellow nature. It is perfect for daytime or nighttime consumption.

The strain has a pleasant rich berry flavor and a THC composition of 15% to 20%. It is one of the best strains for New Years Eve. It will take your celebration to the next level.

If your friends enjoy partaking in cannabis, these best strains for New Years Eve are highly recommended. They will get everyone laughing and socializing. They are the perfect thing for getting 2023 off to a great start.

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