8 Must-See Cannabis Museums from Around the World

Are you looking for more cannabis-friendly activities to enjoy? How about checking out cannabis museums? There are several cannabis museums located throughout the world. You can make them a travel destination for the new year.

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So which cannabis museums should you check out in 2024? Here are a few suggestions.

Cannabis Museums Throughout the World

Core Cannabis Museum– Boston, MA & Portland, ME

The Core Cannabis Museum provides a platform to change perspectives on cannabis usage and law. It showcases exhibits that encourage people to look back on events and activities that put cannabis in a positive light. Guests can trace the steps that transformed cannabis into a lucrative industry.

The museum showcases various permanent and changing exhibits. It is currently featuring American Warden which spotlights the thousands of humans incarcerated for weed-related offenses. The Graffiti Wall pays tribute to street artists who produce weed-related work.

Guests can also enjoy a Cannfessional which offers a space for them to create a video on how weed positively influenced their lives. The facility also provides an event space that can be used for weddings, speaking events, birthdays, and more.

There is also a Core Cannabis Museum in Portland, ME. It features revolving exhibits based on America’s changing drug policy throughout the years. It also features a Cannfessional.

Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum – Amsterdam & Barcelona

The Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum has locations in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Both cannabis museums show how cannabis contributed to various industries.

 The Amsterdam Museum showcases a collection of over 9000 cannabis artifacts. It also has a cannabis garden with live plants and an interactive vaporizer exhibition.

Its second venue is within walking distance. The Hemp Gallery displays even more of the museum’s unique collection.

The Barcelona Museum also has over 9000 cannabis artifacts. It is housed in a 16th-century Modernista palace with stained glass windows, wood flooring, and wrought iron fixtures. Its current exhibit, Stay Stoned: Madness, Cannabis & Tattoos, explores cannabis in tattoo artwork.

Berlin Hemp Museum

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The Berlin Hemp Museum is one of the only cannabis museums in Germany. It features eight cannabis exhibit rooms that focus on the plant’s diverse use. The displays showcase the plant’s cultivation, biological characteristics, and diverse uses. The final exhibit provides information on cannabis laws.

The museum also offers a reading café where guests can watch videos about hemp. Guided tours are also available.

Current exhibitions include “Everything About the Cultivated Plant Hemp”, “Hemp Inspired Industrial Design”, “Surrealistic Psychedelic Photographs by Klaus Siepmann”, and “(Nearly) 30 Years Hanf Museum”.

The House of Cannabis– New York

The House of Cannabis is one of the more impressive cannabis museums. Guests can explore three floors that offer ten multi-sensory experiences. They showcase cannabis-related art, music, fashion, and reform.

The 4th Floor, or the Culture, offers The Disorientation which transports you through cannabis evolution. The Euphorium provides the experience of a cannabis music festival. The Forum explores the effects of cannabis incarceration. Check out the Joint for the latest work by top artists.

The 3rd floor (The Agriculture) offers the Grow which covers the agricultural lifecycle of marijuana plants. The Microverse engulfs guests in a cannabis molecule. The Olfactory allows guests to explore different cannabis aromas. Seed to Soul is a poetry space that anyone can join.

The Ascension or 2nd floor of the facility offers The Spot, an urban park where you can smoke out and relax. You can also visit The Hippodrome, a guided levitation and hypnotic journey.

Cannabis Museum– Athens, OH

The Cannabis Museum educates the public on cannabis’s history and its many uses. It offers a series of revolving exhibits. Its most recent was Hemp and Hackles which explored the history of hemp and the processes used to develop it into useful products.

The museum also offers a collection of over 10,000 items and artifacts including bottles, photographs, posters, postcards, books, and journals.

International Church of Cannabis– Denver, CO

The International Church of Cannabis is one of the more unique cannabis museums. Originally a Lutheran Church, its interior design now features a technicolor display and a huge ‘WEED” sign. It offers rows of pews to smoke in and a rainbow mural on the ceiling.

The church opened on 4/20/2017. It recently launched BEYOND an immersive meditative experience with projective mapping, laser lights, and sound. It starts with a nine-minute guided meditation followed by a 25-minute psychedelic light show accompanied by classic rock tunes.

The History of Cannabis Museum– Washington, D.C.

The History of Cannabis Museum gathers materials and presents exhibitions about the cannabis plant. It teaches guests about cannabis’s influence on various civilizations. Its artifacts and photographs help people understand the past so they can make sense of the present.

The facility also offers virtual tours.

Cannabis Museum Amsterdam

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It should come as no surprise that Amsterdam houses a couple of cannabis museums. This facility offers interactive educational experiences across three floors. Guests will gain a profound understanding of weed and its benefits.  

Guests can enjoy the museum’s indoor ecosystem which features live plants, a microscope, and a state-of-the-art cannabis testing machine. Exhibits on the second floor show how cannabis interacts with the body. Visit the third floor to explore the various ways to consume cannabis.

Guests can also enjoy the artwork of Mossy Giant. Guided and virtual tours are available.

Cannabis museums are terrific tourist destinations. They will teach you about the industry, its benefits, and growth. Which will you explore in the coming year?

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