420 Central Cannabis Edibles That Are Perfect for Your Holiday Meal

The holidays are right around the corner. You can make your season brighter by adding cannabis edibles to your get-togethers. Your friends will love the fun vibes it adds to your celebration.

Cannabis Edibles 1 1
Cannabis Edibles 1 1

420 Central carries several products that are great for holiday meals. Here are a few you should consider purchasing this season.

Best Cannabis Edibles for Your Holiday Table


Cannabis is often infused into sweets that can be served as snacks or during a meal. Here are a few you can bring to your table.

Dr. Norm’s Fruity Crispy Bars: These fruity, crispy bars feature a blend of Fruity Pebbles and creamy marshmallows. They contain 100 mg of THC. Your guests will love these melt-in-your-mouth treats.

Blank Chocolate Bars: Blank creates a variety of chocolate bars that are vegan and gluten-free. They are made with all-natural ingredients. Choose from flavors like Strawberry Quinoa CBD, Mint Cookie Crunch, and Plain Dark Chocolate in sativa and indica.

Last Bite Mini Cones: Last Bite Mini Cones are just what they sound like. They are tiny cones filled with a small scoop of ice cream. Each serving contains 10 mg of weed. Strains vary by product. They come in delicious flavors like Cookies and Cream, Milk Chocolate Caramel, and Strawberry Chocolate.

Emerald Sky Peanut Butter Cups: Chocolate, peanut butter, and cannabis make a winning combination. Emerald Sky offers peanut butter cups made with rich chocolate that mixes with peanut butter for a melt-in-your-mouth taste. It comes in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties.


Gummies are a fun way to consume weed. These cannabis edibles can be served on a snack buffet or bring them out at dessert time. Here are some that you can find on the 420 website.

Grease Bucket Hash Rosin Gummies: Rosin is a concentrated form of cannabis that is created when dried trichomes are collected and compressed with heat. Grease Bucket Gummies are made with the company’s signature rosin. They contain all-natural ingredients. They are full-spectrum, vegan, and handmade.

Frozen vegetables. Mexican mix. Macro. 1
Frozen vegetables. Mexican mix. Macro. 1

ABX Forbidden Fruit Gummies: Forbidden Fruit Gummies are made with all-natural ingredients. They come in exotic, fruity flavors. They provide potent effects like relaxation and euphoria. Each gummy contains 5 mg of THC for a total of 100mg of THC in the container.

Froot Chews: Froot Chews contain all-natural ingredients and high-quality weed. They are available in fun flavors like blue razz, orange bang, pineapple express, grape ape, and cherry pie. Each serving contains 10 mg THC for a total of 100 mg in the package.

Gelato Gummies: Gelato is a well-known maker of cannabis edibles. The brand also sells flowers, concentrates, and pre-rolls. Their gummies stand out for their exceptional quality. They are artisanal and handmade, vegan, gluten-free, soy and corn-free, and highly effective. Each gummy contains 10mg THC for a total of 100mg THC per package.


Cannabis beverages are the latest trend in cannabis edibles. They are replacing alcoholic drinks at many celebratory events. Many say they are a healthier alternative to alcohol.

Here are some beverages 420 has in stock.

Hi-Fi Sessions: Once Hi-Fi Hops, HI-Fi Sessions is a great-tasting, hop-flavored, cannabis-infused sparkling water. It comes in delicious flavors and offers customized effects. Choose from the Tropical Citrus Hoppy Balance with a 5:5 THC: CBD balance, Tropical Citrus Hoppy Chill with 10 mg THC, and tart and juicy Cloudberry with a 2:2 THC: CBD ratio.

Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer: The famous beer brand is branching out into the cannabis edibles industry with its latest High Seltzer. Each can has 10mg of THC. The manufacturer uses a special emulsion process to ensure you feel the buzz quickly. It comes in tasty flavors like lemon, strawberry kiwi, passion fruit pineapple, and mango blood orange.

Sip Elixirs: Sip Elixirs are delicious cannabis-infused drinks that are made with pure THC distillate and naturally derived terpenes. You can choose your mood: chill, party, or sleep, and your flavor: hurricane, watermelon, sunset punch, tropical crush, electric lemon, wildberry, or dreamberry. They will keep you hydrated.

Things to Be Aware of When Serving Cannabis Edibles at Your Party

Close up of business people toasting with Champagne on office pa
Close up of business people toasting with Champagne on office pa

Warn Your Guests of Cannabis Edibles’ Effects: Cannabis edibles take a while to hit. It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours before your guests feel the effects. When they hit, they hit hard. You may have people at your party who don’t have much experience with edibles. They may take some to get in the spirit without realizing how potent they can be. Warn your guests so they know what to expect. Discourage them from eating more edibles if they don’t feel the effects right away.

Keep Cannabis Edibles Away from Kids: Many cannabis edible products have colorful labels that attract kids. And it’s only natural for kids to want delicious sweets and drinks. They may take them without realizing they have cannabis in them. As a host, it’s up to you to keep cannabis edibles out of children’s reach. Better yet, if you’re serving edibles, make it an adults-only party.

420 Will Help You Find the Best Cannabis Edibles for Your Holiday Party

420 Central has various cannabis edibles in stock. Our edibles are made with the finest ingredients and the best THC strains. We carry products from trusted, reputable brands. Our budtenders will help you find the best items based on effects, taste, and party vibe.

Contact us to find out how we can help you make your season bright.

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