420 Central Cannabis Brands You Need to Know About

420 Central would not be the terrific Orange County dispensary it is without our high-quality cannabis brands.

A content pharmacist stands amidst modern shelving in a pharmacy, holding a sheet of hemp in their hand, highlighting the evolving landscape of healthcare. Generative AI
A content pharmacist stands amidst modern shelving in a pharmacy, holding a sheet of hemp in their hand, highlighting the evolving landscape of healthcare. Generative AI

Today’s cannabis market is highly unregulated. Many brands use false advertising. They claim their products are purer or more potent than they are.

Consumers can ensure they are getting high-quality products by shopping at dispensaries that carry trusted cannabis brands. A reliable brand will use lab testing that reveals what is in the products they are selling. They will have positive customer reviews.

We pride ourselves in carrying the top names in cannabis brands. Here are some of the brands we carry.

420 Central’s Top Cannabis Brands

Maven Genetics

Maven Genetics is a producer of flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vape products. The company is comprised of cannabis enthusiasts who believe in freedom, well-being, and authenticity. They create products to improve consumer health.

710 Labs

710 Labs is one of the more upscale cannabis brands. It carries a wide selection of specialized products, including gummies, vapes, flowers, and pre-rolls. It also offers RSO, a decarboxylated full spectrum extract, solventless, a concentrated hash extracted with exceptionally pure methods, and living soil which is optimized for growing.

The company provides several resources so consumers can learn about the industry and the products they offer. They host events throughout the United States. They aim to grow a community through their brand.

Alien Labs

Alien Labs is inspired by skate culture. They carry proprietary strains. Their product line includes flowers, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and edibles.


Connected offers best-in-class genetics and high-quality flower. Their product line also includes vapes and pre-rolls. They carry various strains that provide customized results.

Foreign Genetics

Foreign Genetics is a fully integrated Los Angeles-based company that operates in various industry sectors including cultivation, distribution, retail, and manufacturing. The brand was founded in 2015 by cannabis enthusiasts who had been cultivating weed for over two decades. They offer a wide selection of strains. Each is cultivated to ensure high-quality standards.

Source Cannabis

Source Cannabis is one of our leading cannabis brands. They pride themselves in using a specialized cultivation process that ensures high-quality buds. They grow indoors, use living soil, clean the roots, and use hand-watering and hand-trimming. Their weed is green-certified so consumers get the purest bud available.

The company exists by a high standard of values. They include extreme ownership, teams first, embrace, and driving change. They carry a selection of flowers and extracts.

cannabis cookies and cannabis leaves put on wooden cutting board
cannabis cookies and cannabis leaves put on wooden cutting board

Top Shelf Cultivation

Top Shelf Cultivations carries a line of award-winning strains. They specialize in quality indoor flower. They take pride in growing the best indoor cannabis.

The California-based company is run by a team of cannabis connoisseurs with over 20 years in the industry. They perfected their methods and now offer some of the highest-tested cannabis on the market. They sell various strains of flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

True O.G. Classic

True Classic stands out among cannabis brands for its long history in the industry. It is a Los Angeles-based company. The founder has been cultivating weed since 1996. They offer exceptional weed products.

The company’s signature strain is True O.G.. It is known for its exceptional taste, smell, and effects. They also offer small-batch, signature releases.

They pride themselves in offering pure batches with zero additives. They offer flower in jars and pre-rolls.

Fresh Daily Bud

Fresh Daily Bud is 420’s signature brand. We offer ‘farm fresh to consumer’ products. Farmers ship us their products and we package them for consumer use.

We offer a variety of pre-rolls and flower. Each is responsibly packaged and competitively priced.

Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands is a woman-owned, family-owned company. Their products and sustainable and pesticide-free. They offer top-quality greenhouse-grown cannabis from Santa Barbara, CA, a county that offers the perfect growing environment. They grow their weed on their farm.

The company offers a selection of pre-rolls, flower, and wellness products. They offer various THC and CBD strains.

Farmer & the Felon

Farmer & the Felon is a brand devoted to social justice. They partner with the Last Prisoner Project to free people who have been convicted of cannabis-related crimes and clear their records. They pay tribute to the customers and farmers who helped them grow the company.

They sell flower in various sizes. They also offer pre-rolls and cold cure rosin.

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty offers pure cannabis products. They minimize their water use. They use safe fertilizers. They do not use any ingredients that will harm animals or the environment. They donate all the soil they use to public parks. Their packaging is sustainable.

The company is female and minority-owned. They support social equity in the industry. They donate portions of their profits to organizations that help people incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes.

They carry a wide range of products including live rosin, solventless pre-rolls, cannabis-infused beverages, and flower.

THC Design

Cannabis Brands 1 1
Cannabis Brands 1 1

THC Design is one of the top cannabis brands. They carry over 70 strains. Each is formulated to provide different health benefits.

The company made a shift to sustainability in 2021. They now sell their flower in sustainable jars. They believe this is the best way to store their products.

THC Design offers a selection of flower and pre-rolls. They also have a cultivation handbook.


Gelato is a cannabis brand with a fun image. They offer a variety of edibles including mini sugar cones and cookie crumbs. They also carry flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

The company was founded in 2022. Its leaders have decades of experience in cannabis cultivation. They believe in transparency, integrity, and accountability.

420 Central is Your Source for the Top Cannabis Brands

420 is more than a location for the best cannabis brands. We also provide exceptional service. Our budtenders will educate you on the strains that boost wellbeing. We offer weed delivery, online, and in-person purchasing options.

Contact us to learn more about our high-quality products and services.

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